Animal bedding

Bale bags, pallet covers and form, fill and seal (FFS) polythene films for animal bedding producers

Animal bedding businesses can struggle to guarantee a perfectly sealed bale bag. It is common for animal bedding processors to experience slower production if their polythene film lets them down. Palagan's animal bedding film and sacks are designed to offer extra strong protection and to be easy to fill and seal. Our team of technical experts develop bespoke animal bedding films to allow outside storage and easy handling.

Palagan's great quality bale bags and baling film are dependent on five critical factors that work together to make effective baling film.

The right size bag for efficient production

Palagan are experts in calculating the correct size bale bag. If bags are undersized they will slow fill times down, or may not even fit at all. If too large, this may cause the bedding to collapse in the bag resulting in a poor quality product. Designing bale bags with optimal dimensions is critical – Palagan can help you get this right.

High puncture resistant film to protect against the British weather

When animal bedding products are sharp or when the bales are being manually handled, you need Palagan's high strength polythene film to prevent unwanted punctures. Use our strongest ever polythene film to eliminate the threat of holes. Consistently strong and reliable polythene wrap is critical for faster, cost-effective processing.

Micro perforations to minimise condensation

Trapped condensation can often remain in sealed bale bag. Moisture build up that cannot escape the film can damage the quality of the final baled product. To prevent this, Palagan designs variations of tiny air hole combinations into the polythene film. These very small holes allow moisture evaporation for your bedding to stay dry.

Combine anti-slip polythene for transit stability with low slip polythene for processing

To ensure your bales stay in place during palletisation and transit, Palagan bale film features anti-slip properties on the outside. Conversely, it is important that bags are easy to open and process and that the film has a slippy interior to form around the baling chute. Difficulty opening bags or separating film during the filling process commonly slows down production. Remember low slip outside, higher slip inside - this is a unique feature of Palagan baling films.

High quality design and printing for great product presentation

Printing on bale bags and films is common practice. Applying a logo, product information, handling instructions or other details helps products stand out on the shelf and comply with safety directives. Using Palagan's design and printing service, we help create powerful packaging presentation. Whether it be coloured bags, different levels of film opacity or colour printing, we offer an end to end design service.

We understand that all baling machinery is different. At Palagan, our single wound baling film and bale bags are designed and manufactured to work with all varieties of baling machinery. We have worked with many of the top machinery manufacturers to develop films perfect for each environment.

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Technical possibilities

  • Low fusion
  • 4 colour printing
  • Inventory management
  • Stock holding
  • Recyclable
  • Surface treatment
  • Any film colour
  • 100% traceability
  • Tear off on rolls
  • Palletised to your specification
  • Anti-static properties
  • Anti-slip properties
  • UV stability
  • 5 layer film