Form, fill & seal films

A broad range of form, fill and seal films

At Palagan, we specialise in FFS automated films for automatic high speed packaging. We supply our dynamic range of FFS products to a host of different applications and industries. Every FFS product is customised using our unique film blends to ensure smooth, efficient processing on your production machinery. Our exclusive Nylastrongplus+ film blend is the basis for most FFS films due to its adaptability through processing, sealing and handling.

To further speed up your process and reduce your downtime, we edge trim the film to provide superbly accurate width and roll winding characteristics.

We can deliver FFS films either single-wound, centre-folded or layflat tube formats.

Available technologies

  • Printing Company branding or usage instructions

  • Film Colours For identification or weather protection

  • UVI Inhibitors To provide extended protection against sunlight