Food grade polythene bags

Food grade polythene bags and sacks for British food processors and food manufacturers

At Palagan, we are experts in the design and production of transit packaging to protect and transport food and drinks. Our customised food grade polythene packaging meets the stringent hygiene demands expected by British food processing companies. From a small box liner to the largest of dolav liners, we make a huge range of bespoke products for food processing.

The introduction of Palagan's food grade polythene bags and films are often critical to reducing potential contaminants. Plastic pallets, cores and interleaving slats are common requirements to meet the hygiene demands of many food processing companies. We work closely with customers like you to design food grade polythene packaging that aims to eliminate wood, tape and corrugated from the packaging you currently use.


Here is a summary of our extensive food grade polythene products:

Box and tray liners

Our food grade polythene liners and box liners are easy-open for highly efficient operation in your factory. These polythene liners can be applied to fully automated production lines or smaller operations.

To avoid wastage caused by food entrapment in the packaging creases, Palagan can supply block bottom liners. Contact us to find out more about this exclusive product.

BRC Food grade box liner

Dolav liners

Strong dolav liners are generally used to protect food during processing or transit. Generally supplied on a roll, these polythene dolav liners are designed to fit your specific dolav dimensions. To ensure your packaging costs are minimised, we recommend using our strongest, thinnest films. This promises maximum protection and great value.

Pallet covers

Palagan designs and produces perfectly fitting BRC approved polythene pallet covers and pallet bags for British food processors. As leading UK manufacturers of shrink pallet covers and non-shrink pallet covers, our polythene packaging protects food and drinks from any contaminants during storage and transit. To find out more about our extensive range of pallet covers, see here.

Form, fill and seal films (FFS)

At Palagan, we specialise in food grade automated films for high speed packaging. Our extrusion and conversion machines manufacture high strength polythene film used to contain any specific food weight. Every automated film is customised using our unique film blends to ensure smooth, efficient processing on your production machinery. Learn more about our automated films.

Available technologies

  • Film Colours For identification & product differentiation

  • Precise Perforation Can be supplied on rolls for fast, safe, tear off Temperature

  • Stability Tailored film recipes for blast freeze and very low temperature applications