Pallet covers

A unique range of pallet covers

Shrink pallet covers

Our shrink covers are specifically designed to offer a high quality and economical way to provide load stability & protect all your palletised products for storage and transportation.

Palagan's shrink pallet covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They go through stringent testing to ensure only first rate products are offered to customers. Once the shrink pallet cover is fitted perfectly, heat is applied to tighten the cover over the load. This heat can be applied via a heat gun or via a larger heat tunnel. We offer professional heat gun training to your teams.

Through continual investment in the latest polymer and machinery technology, we have developed NylaShrink. This exclusive blend provides superior load stability at minimum film thickness without affecting the high quality of the pallet cover.

Non-shrink pallet covers

Non-shrink pallet covers are extremely easy to use. They require no heat application nor any extra machinery. Due to how simple they are to apply, non-shrink pallet covers are perfect for protecting your products quickly from dust, dirt or rain. Palagan non-shrink pallet covers are suitable for warehouses, construction sites and other outdoor working areas exposed to the weather.

Our non-shrink pallet covers can be supplied in a variety of high performance films. If you require dependable weather protection, then our Nylastrongplus+ film is the strongest available in the market.

Pallet covers are available side gusseted, top gusseted or centrefold and can be supplied either perforated on the roll or as singles.

Available technologies

  • Printing Company branding, usage and handling instructions

  • UVI inhibitors To provide extended protection against sunlight

  • Film colours For identification or weather protection