Polythene asbestos disposal sacks, asbestos removal bags and films for suppliers to the asbestos removal industry.

Palagan manufacture heavy duty asbestos disposal bags to contain and remove hazardous materials. Asbestos waste must be packed in approved packaging with a CDG hazard sign and asbestos code information available. Our asbestos removal bags are fully VCA and UN certified and meet UK legislation for the removal of asbestos waste.

Which asbestos bag is right?

We hold approvals for several sizes and performances. Small, medium duty bags can be used for less sharp, lower volume removals. Large, heavier duty sacks take care of bulkier, sharp and fragmented materials such as pipe, panel and tile.

The Palagan technical experts can recommend the appropriate size asbestos bag to ensure sacks are not overfilled and that sharp objects don't puncture the plastic.

It is a requirement that all asbestos waste is double bagged. The waste goes into the red bag first, and after securely sealing, the red bag is placed into the clear bag and securely sealed. You can order red and clear bags separately or together. The red bags are smaller to fit inside the clear bags.

Manufactured in UK

We use multilayer extrusion machines to produce customised high performance industrial polythene. All our products are guaranteed for reliable performance and tight control over polythene thickness. Our sophisticated equipment produces consistently strong polythene sacks to contain this highly dangerous material. All of our bags are tested for quality assurance.

Order size

Small bags are usually produced in pallets of 10,000 bags, large bags usually 5,000 bags.

Technical possibilities

  • 4 colour printing
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Palletised to your specification
  • Tear off on rolls
  • 100% traceability
  • Surface treatment
  • Stock holding
  • Inventory management
  • 5 layer film
  • Recyclable