Advanced Films

We have created a family of film blends that are certified for many applications and suitable for most industries. Take a look at our range of exclusive films.

  • Nyla Strong Plus: Maximum Protection

    Highest strength, superior performance
    Up to 40% reduction in costs
    Up to 40% reduction in CO2
    Fully recyclable

  • Pala Strong: Value engineering

    Lightweight, cost-saving, reliable performance
    Stronger than regular LDPE
    Up to 20% reduction in costs and C02
    Fully recyclable

  • Supa green: Carbon neutral

    Eco friendly compostable polythene
    100% free from fossil fuels
    Generates more oxygen than CO2
    Fully compostable to EN 13432

  • Nyla Shrink: Maximum Protection shrink film

    Exceptional load stability, highest strength
    Up to 20% reduction in costs
    Up to 20% reduction in CO2
    Fully recyclable

  • Pala shrink: Value engineered shrink film

    Superior to standard LDPE shrink film
    Up to 10% reduction in costs
    Up to 10% reduction in CO2
    Fully recyclable

Polythene extrusion

Investing in the best extrusion equipment is one of our highest priorities. From our advanced production site in Bedfordshire, our extrusion machines work round the clock, every day, to produce the best polythene products in the country. These intelligent extruders create mono and multilayer films for narrow or wider products.

Ensuring your product is the same great quality every time you order is the essence of our quality promise. To guarantee this consistency, we buy our polymer from the same reliable partners every month. Then, we process the same material grade on the same extruders using the same processes, every time.

What is five layer film?

Five layers refers to the five different layers of film which come together to form polythene in the extrusion process. Our five layer production equipment makes maximum protection barrier films. This high strength flexible packaging film provides the perfect barrier properties against gases and moisture to ensure longer shelf life. This multilayer barrier films also preserves the taste, aroma, flavour, colour and texture of your edible products.

Of course, Palagan also offers one, two and three layer polythene films.


We have some of the best in-line printing capabilities in the UK. Our colour printers are fitted to every extruder enabling us to print simple warning notices to product branding. This unique production process guarantees fast product delivery and cost effectiveness.

Printing choices include solvent and water-based printing options as well as weatherable ink formulations.


Each year, we convert polythene film into millions of bags, covers, sheets and form, fill and seal films. We design and develop packaging solutions to meet your exact requirements. We extrude, print and convert in one continuous production process to provide fast turnarounds all year round.

We convert bags and covers either loose (as singles) or perforated on a roll. We offer perforations, to allow air to escape or the contained product to breathe. Once converted, we pack into boxes, polypacks or perforated on a roll. We meet your requirements for racking height, roll diameter and pallet size.

Converted products include:

  • Layflat bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Centrefold sheets

Research & Development

Innovation and imagination are essential in creating new polythene products that are stronger, efficient, sustainable and cost effective. Our Innovation Team are continuously improving the exciting films we produce. We have world-class people and resources with dedicated innovation specialists throughout the organisation to help make our imaginative ideas come to life.

Our research into lightweight, yet stronger, flexible and sustainable packaging materials, coupled with our investment in the latest of equipment technology are guaranteed to reduce your cost and carbon footprint.

Value engineering

We value engineer every product we deliver. We spend time at your facility understanding your processing needs and recommend the minimum film thickness. We also continually evaluate our manufacturing processes to improve film performance and minimise waste. Everything you receive is always of the best value, with no compromise on quality. That's great news for business and the environment.

Environmental innovation

Our Innovation Team work tirelessly to create thinner, stronger films to reduce the total amount of plastic and energy used. All our polythene is 100% recyclable. Instead of going to landfill, it can be recycled back into polymer. Ask our Customer Service team about how we can help you recycle used polythene and earn money back at the same time.

We believe the future is carbon positive. We have developed SupaGreen, our environmentally improving film that makes the world a better place. This organic based polymer is a renewable alternative to fossil fuel derived polyethylene. Clever SupaGreen complies with the standard for compostability EN 13432 and reduces the level of greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud that Palagan can now offer you a renewable solution. Contact us for more information.