The Power of Value Engineering

The polythene packaging industry is going through a period of quiet transformation. New innovations and materials are driving significant improvements in performance whilst government legislation and economic pressure are requiring reduced environmental impact. A significant driver in this transformation is the need to improve the functionality of existing films whilst squeezing out costs.

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At Palagan, we focus our time and effort on working closely with customers to understand how their packaging needs are changing and how we can develop an innovative and cost efficient film to meet their requirements. We have an experienced Research and Development team who examine your existing packaging film and engineer new and stronger films

This can be demonstrated with an industry leading healthcare customer who was under acute cost pressures when bidding for new NHS healthcare trust contracts. Responding to their needs, our technical experts engineered a five layer film which improved strength and offered greater product protection. In the process, we succeeding in reducing their packaging costs by 5%, which was an overall saving of £90,000. That's the power of value engineering.