Form, fill & seal films

Form, fill and seal films for automatic high speed packaging


A broad range of form, fill and seal films

Palagan have led the way in manufacturing form, fill and seal packaging for automated packaging lines. Our specialist films help customers increase efficiency and reduce packaging costs in every industry across Britain. As experts in the packaging of bulk products, we work with manufacturers and processors needing reliable transit or storage packaging.

Customised for every application

We manufacture customised automated films for automatic high speed packaging across a host of different applications. Every form, fill and seal film is uniquely designed to meet the needs of any machine specification. Palagan automated films adapt well through processing, sealing and handling. Our unique polythene structure ensures smooth, efficient processing on your production machinery.

Every type of automated film

We can deliver FFS films either single-wound, centre-folded or layflat tube formats. To speed up your processing and reduce your downtime, we edge trim the film to provide superbly accurate width and roll winding characteristics.

Less packaging waste

Our advanced multilayer form, fill and seal films are thinner than ever before without compromising on tear strength. This helps to reduce packaging waste and meet tougher environmental standards.

Contact us to find out how our polythene packaging can improve your high speed packaging.

Available technologies

  • Printing Company branding or usage instructions

  • Film Colours For identification or weather protection

  • UVI Inhibitors To provide extended protection against sunlight