Heavy duty polythene sacks

The toughest heavy duty polythene sacks and bags

Manufactured with our strongest polythene, our heavy duty plastic sacks are designed for packaging heavyweight items for many industries such as animal feed, courier delivery, healthcare, builders merchant and plastic parts manufacturers. Our heavy duty sacks are even strong enough to hold broken glass and high value items.

Extra strong sacks are designed for whatever thickness you need from 25µm (micron) to 250µm and are available in any colour. We manufacture heavy duty sacks from 350mm to 3,100mm wide (opening) and for any length.

Puncture resistant film

Choosing a high strength film is critical. Our heavy duty sacks are the ultimate in toughness, designed to carry sharp and heavy materials without tearing. Across every industrial sector, our heavy duty polythene bags package any shaped items and resist punctures.

Less packaging waste

Our advanced multilayer Palastrong and Nylastrongplus+ films make bags thinner than ever before without compromising on tear strength. This helps to reduce your packaging waste and meet tougher environmental standards.

Extensive range of heavy duty polythene bags

We manufacture every sort of heavy duty sack. These include flat bags, gusseted sacks, block-based sacks, aggregate sacks, rubble sacks, coal sacks, animal feed sacks, horticulture sacks, bale bags, underlay bags, pharmaceutical grade bags, secure heavy duty document sacks.

Our heavy duty sacks can be designed for use on automated sealers or bag neck sealers, ensuring your packing and filling processes don't slow down.

100% recyclable.


Available technologies

  • Printing Company branding or usage instructions

  • Film Colours For identification or security

  • UVI Inhibitors To provide extended protection against sunlight

  • Surface Treatments Controlled slip of the film, improved adhesion for inks, labels & tapes

  • Perforation Full punch, captive, or microperf for fill venting and breathability