Pallet covers

Polythene pallet covers and pallet bags designed and customised to be perfectly fitting for every customer

Shrink pallet covers

Achieve total load stability at minimum film thickness with our strongest ever polythene shrink film. Our new shrink pallet covers secure your finished goods whilst protecting them against weather damage and deterioration.

This new technology eliminates inadvertent rising or riding up which can occur during shrinking. Our covers offer complete protection for the entire load meaning even the bottom layer of the pallet is protected from potential weather damage. This intelligent film shrinks horizontally around the pallet instead of shrinking vertically meaning your pallet load is held more firmly in place during shipping and in storage. Our shrink covers are specifically designed to offer a high quality and economical way to provide load stability and protect all your palletised products for storage and transportation.

Our pallet top covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They go through stringent testing to ensure only first rate products are offered to customers. Once fitted perfectly, heat is applied to tighten the cover over the load. This heat can be applied using a heat gun or heat tunnel. We offer professional heat gun training.

Palagan Shrink Pallet Covers

Palagan shrink pallet covers are:

- Easier handling during transit and storage- 20% reduction in thickness
- Best available value and lightest packaging
- Sits perfectly on your pallet
- Neater palletisation
- Compact roll size for easy storage
- Colour printing on all sides

Non-shrink pallet covers

Our new non-shrink pallet covers are the lightest and most cost-effective way to protect your materials in transit. When you overwrap your materials with our polythene non-shrink covers, you can ship to distributors and customers with the confidence that the load is fully covered.

These high strength protective covers are made from our strongest ever film. At half the typical thickness of those commonly used, this represents the best available value and lightest packaging. We recommend covers as thin as 20μm for complete defence against dust, dirt and rain.

These great products are easy to use. They require no heat application nor any extra machinery. Due to how simple they are to apply, non-shrink pallet covers are perfect for protecting your products quickly from dust, dirt or rain. And they are suitable for warehouses, construction sites and other outdoor working areas exposed to the weather.

Palagan Non-Shrink Pallet Cover

Palagan non-shrink pallet covers are:

- Easier handling during transit and storage
- Tailored sizes to suit your needs
- Compact roll size for easy storage
- Sits perfectly on your pallet
- Neater palletisation
- Colour printing on all sides
- Available side gusseted, top gusseted or centrefold
- Supplied either perforated on the roll or as singles

Available technologies

  • Printing Company branding, usage and handling instructions

  • UVI inhibitors To provide extended protection against sunlight

  • Film colours For identification or weather protection